Nick: The Bottomless Shelf by Alex Felton

The first half of this book is purely photocopied phrases, potential titles and subjects ranging from “Getting Naked Again” to “The FBI and I” to “A Mile In My Flip-Flops”. It then sprawls into a mishmash of paintings, drawings, quasi-clip art, photographs, found images and recipes! I love everything about this book: the aesthetic, the vibe, the layout, the humor, the work, all of it! If I was an art book, I think I'd be The Bottomless Shelf. Published by the wonderful Publication Studio. Highly recommended!!! Get it here.

Ruari: بس ربحت, خسرت "When You Have Won, You Have Lost - Haram

I decided to just look through records I'd bought recently-ish and I like this one. LP comes with a booklet and poster that are also great.

Matt: Scene from a Marriage - Total Control / Designed by Karl Nawrot

Karl Nawrot is a designer I admire a lot. Deftly working with very primitive, familiar forms and materials in what can sometimes be viewed as crude and childlike, they’re still hugely visual and appealing and this sleeve nods to the utilitarian nature of the shapes. This was for Total Control’s 7” on Subpop 'Scene from a Marriage' and is a decent snippet of what Nawrot does. I love the huge oversized sticker and the way the shapres create a different form on the reverse. Total Control are a band I’ve never clicked with to be honest, but the other members of VI are really into them and they always, always have amazing artwork.

Jess: Elle était là - Esther Ferrer

Esther Ferrer is an octogenarian Spanish performance artist, currently living and working in Paris. I quote: "A proponent of free expression, confrontation, feminism and authentic experience, Ferrer is best known for her performances, her principal form of artistic expression since 1965..."

A contemporary of John Cage et al etc Ferrer's performance works consist of actions, within which she allows that 'all variations are valid' (perform them yourself, she doesn't mind!). Ferrer performs presence, improvisation, anarchy and seeks clarity. I recently had the unbridled pleasure and privilege of seeing her perform, meeting her, working alongside her, and even getting two big smackers on the cheek, I'm still reeling! Ferrer does not document her own performances (although has no problem with others doing so, and circulating them as they wish), however as an integral element of her practice she has generated a legacy of many performative photographic works (with cabbages, body scores, to see aging, examining time), this is one such image from the series Elle était là [She Was There]. 1984-. I love the way it performs a tracing, a mirroring, a dual relationship between the body, object and shadow.

All of Vital Idles: No Age & Brian Roettinger Ongoing

We're not long back from a short tour around the UK with No Age and whilst we were away this brilliant article was published by the Walker Art Centre chronicling the longtime collaboration between the band and artist and designer Brian Roettinger. Each and every artwork is approached in a thoughtful and economical manner and its great to see artwork never compromised, the Walker Art post is incredibly interesting and important, showing that the No Age back catalogue is faultless in terms of design and highlighting how Brian could be viewed as a visual member of the band. He's worked on some huge, huge projects for Jay-Z and Nike respectively but also self-directed work and publishing are a prominent part of his practice. This isn't a nod to a fun time had with Dean and Randy, we included Brian Roettinger in a publication called Common People back in 2013, and admire the work hugely and continue to be excited by their collaboration. Keep them coming!

Vital Idles' debut album, Left Hand, is out due out on June 1st via Upset The Rhythm. Check out 'A Premise' below.