People don’t always seek entertainment when they travel the world. In fact, there are hundreds of reasons that could make somebody pack their things and hit the road, health being one of them. Some places on this blue marble we call Earth help people improve their health and overall well-being. If you are looking for a healthy vacation, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at some of the healthiest tourist destinations in the world.

The Alps

Have you heard the story about Heidi? She’s a girl who lives in a beautiful small cottage in the Alps with her grandad. All depictions of Heidi’s life involve beautiful nature filled with breathtaking meadows, lush green forests, and the overall thriving flora and fauna of the Alps.

Being the highest mountain range in Europe, the Alps have been popular among tourists for a very long time, especially those seeking peace and tranquility (and winter sports in winter). One of the most important things about the Alps is the clean air — unspoiled by exhaust pipes, factories, and other polluters.


South of the Alps is the Apennine Peninsula — also known as the Italian Peninsula. If you happen to be in Italy, you should definitely check out Puglia — a place filled with olive fields. You can enjoy popular Mediterranean cuisine that’s been recognized by UNESCO, as well as various wellness programs in the area. Puglia is a place that will take all your stress away while you eat healthy food and enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea doesn’t sound like a place you would want to visit since many would agree that the adjective “dead” could be a fitting antonym to the adjective “healthy”. This “sea” is actually not a sea but more of a salt lake located between Jordan and Israel. Also, it is a body of water that has the lowest elevation on the planet — a total of 430.5 meters below sea level.

Because of these conditions, the water is filled with Dead Sea minerals that can have extraordinary effects on your health. In fact, many people found the minerals quite useful and they regularly reap numerous health benefits by using various health products that contain beneficial ingredients from the lake. One such product is the Premier Dead Sea mud mask.


The location of Iceland is special as it hides various areas that still need to be explored (and exploited?) by tourists. One such extraordinary place is called the Troll Peninsula, located in Northern Iceland. The peninsula is ideal for people who need some vitamin D since there’s sunlight for 22 hours a day during summer.

Although that may affect your melatonin production in the long run, it is actually very healthy if you visit the place just for a couple of days. The temperature there is normally between 17 and 20 degrees Celsius, which means that you won’t get burned by the scorching sun as in some places south of Iceland.


Mongolia was once the biggest kingdom in the world with millions of people living in it. However, it is one of the least densely populated countries nowadays. People in Mongolia live a very interesting life since they are practically not affected by the industry and other byproducts of our society that are killing nature inch by inch. Mongolia is made up of huge steppes filled with horses and fresh air. Also, Mongolian cuisine is quite interesting and the country is the greatest stress-relief place in the world!


If you don’t feel like traveling the world, you can always enrich your wellness experience on There, you can get informed about all upcoming events in your area. But if you decide to pack your bags, make sure to check out some of the places mentioned above as they can positively affect your health in many ways.

Our planet still has places that haven’t been destroyed by humans and can have extraordinary effects on our health. We live in the day and age where the life expectancy is very high, yet people have never been unhealthier in the history of humankind. Luckily, if you put your wellness first, everything else will follow!