I just recently started re-reading the Harry Potter series. I love detective novels like Agatha Christie’s and Arthur Conan Doyle’s science fiction, autobiography, drama (I rarely read French books but Patrick Senécal’s thrillers are addictive) - truly all books but fantasy has always been my favourite.

I think that anyone born in the '90s can say that the Harry Potter series was a big part of their childhood. We grew up with these characters. The magic had me captivated from day one with everything about their world but what I retained most through their years at Hogwarts challenges and betrayals were valuable lessons.

Sacrificing yourself for the ones you love is a price you need to be willing to pay sometimes. Family doesn’t mean blood.

Face your demons because they will for sure haunt you.

Loyalty is everything.

Last but not least, it doesn’t have to be true to feel real. That’s the one that truly transcended into my music. When I was younger, even though I found a metaphorical way to tell my stories, they used to be based on personal experiences because music was a way to heal and deal with whatever I needed to say. This magical world and the feeling of attachment I had to it, this tiny bit of hope even though I fully knew it wasn’t true, made me think otherwise because songwriting is storytelling. I still wish I’m going to receive my letter from Hogwarts to be honest but whatever!

You probably saw the movies (because who hasn’t!?) but if you haven’t read the books it’s a must or you’re missing out.

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