I’m always reading several books at a time and this one has been around for nearly a-year-and-a-half, but I’ve just finished reading Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck. I think he's mostly known for The Grapes Of Wrath and Of Mice & Men but this one really caught me for several reasons.

The book was given to me by a friend during one of these periods when you just go out every night, getting pretty wasted every time and she said ‘You’ll find a bit of yourself in this book’. It turned out that the story dealt with some homeless countrymen spending their time hanging about and drinking quite a lot, shortly after World War I in California.

They get into a variety of situations throughout the book but what’s fascinating about them is that everything they do is both funny and sad. Surely this is one of the great dualities of this book and something I could relate to as well…

The whole thing is written in a very simple style so it’s a very entertaining read, but since there’s no romantic bursts of never-ending adjectives you still have some room to think. For me, I guess it kind of worked as a reminder that going out for the sake of it can be pretty pointless at times and makes you less focused on things that are much more important. Of course, this also works with things like wasting time on social media and such.

I mean, when you’re 80 you’ll never tell yourself "I didn’t spend enough time on Facebook or have enough hangovers in my life."

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