I'm reading Breakfast of Champions. I first heard about Kurt Vonnegut really recently when my buddy Dags was reading Cat's Cradle.

She told me about how Ice Nice - Grateful Dead's self-made publishing label - is a reference to Ice 9 solid water in Cat's Cradle. This made me think, this Kurt guy must be pretty neat if the dead are going to name a whole company after him. After I relayed this information to El (he already knew the reference and knows a lot of stuff), he handed me Breakfast of Champions and I smiled. (I get most of El's old crap when he's finished with it)

So far, it follows the relationship between these middle-American guys. Dwayne, a Pontiac salesman and very well-to-do fella and his sales manager Harry LeSabre, a transvestite terrified of being caught out and losing his job. There's immediately a distaste for American absurdities, their lifestyle and crude pictures of buttholes. I think this Kurt guy might be trying to allude that the two are one and the same. He is real descriptive. At one point he dedicates an entire paragraph to the components forming Dwayne's soundproof flat walls so no one could hear him blow his own brains out in the tub.

There's also a sci-fi writer named Kilgore Trout. A guy who regularly sends porn magazine publishers his work in order to fill out dead spots in their publications. He doesn't leave a return address and seeks no credit. I find this funny.

I'm merely 45 pages in and thoroughly enjoying his description of absurd 20th-century life through the eyes of our two protagonists on opposing ends of the social spectrum. It gives the impression Americans are born healthy, but America is sick and as they get older they're poisoned by their surroundings. I intend to finish the book on my weekend trip to Barcelona - I'll be sure to let you know how I get on.

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