As part of our Placeholder series, we're asking some of our favourite artists an incredibly simple question: 'what are you reading?'. A pretty great way to find out what you should be spending your money on if you ask us.

Scary Close by Donald Miller (2015)

"I picked it up because it was spreading around Nashville like wildfire and I couldn't walk into a coffee shop or pull up my Instagram feed without seeing it. I was sort of hesitant to read it at first because I have a bit of an anti self-help book syndrome. People kept telling me this would "change my life" though, and in some ways it definitely has.

"It is, more or less, about human interactions and why so many people are afraid to be themselves. He spends a large majority of the book breaking down the difference between performing for people and becoming a true and altruistic person in their life. As a songwriter, I think the more honest you are as a person, the more it helps you write songs that people can actually connect with, despite if it's folk music or pop music.

"So, regardless if people like self-help books or not, I think that almost anyone could find a way that this book would change their thinking, even just a little bit, for the better."

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