I just finished reading the novelization of the Perverts Again album Friday Night Light, written by the band's singer and lyricist Alex Ward.

It's a disturbing account of a period of time in the life of the main character. He's never really given a name, so I assume he is the titular Pervert. It's unclear how much time passes in the novel - the Pervert gets knocked out, pukes himself into a blackout, and falls unconscious by various other methods, each time waking unsure of what day or even year it is.

The Pervert fights a tall teenage juvenile detention warden named Longlegger, gets his little brother stolen by a librarian, is kicked out of a video rental store for wearing a Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirt, incites the coach of his high school football team into a violent multi-homicidal rampage, and so, so much more. The frantic, circular prose gives the whole novel a dreamlike quality, flipping rapidly from scene to scene with minimal emotional attachment to the events described.

Alex told me the book's style was simply the result of him "typing as fast as (he) can," but it reminds me of notable French surrealist authors like René Daumal or Alain Robbe-Grillet. Even the films of Alain Resnais come to mind. I assume those guys didn't gain their reputation just by typing really fast, so maybe Ward is on track to be canonized amongst them somewhere down the line.

But probably not. What we have with Friday Night Light is a bizarre gift spewed onto a hundred or so pages, dumped out into the world for a few warped brains to come across and appreciate for the fine work of art that it is.

Cloud Nothings' new album called Last Building Burning is due out on 19th October via Wichita Recordings. Watch the video for 'The Echo Of The World' below.