I’m currently reading Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. I was feeling super stressed out one day so I went to Waterstones and spent £45 on books because I couldn’t decide what to buy - this was one of the books I picked up. So far, it’s this mammoth, graceful tale of a Korean family trying to make a life in Japan at a time when war is rife and they’re treated as lesser.

I love the way that Min Jin Lee seamlessly shifts the character perspective mid conversation - it should feel clunky but is almost undetectable and pulls you into the inner workings of each person for a brief moment. This means that when the main story arc moves to different characters in the book I’ve already got a sense of what drives them and feel more involved in their journey. Pachinko is a chunky read that spans decades and covers hefty subject matter, but the way it’s written is so restrained and beautiful that so far it’s not become at all tiresome.

It’s really interesting getting immersed into a world that’s so different from the one I live in and I’m in awe of any author that can so vividly conjure a scene in my head of a country I have no experience of in a time 80 years before I was born! I enjoy reading fiction that teaches me about the history of different countries and cultures, as I’m super ignorant and want to learn more. Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a book that stuck with me because of the beauty of the story and the history it taught me, it’s early days but I feel like Pachinko will make a similar mark.

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