For about the fifth time, I’m reading Just Kids by Patti Smith. I tend to come back to it every summer. It’s all things Chelsea Hotel, erotic art, Andy Warhol, sex and drugs; a transcendent love story that leaves you tearing out your own heartstrings by the end of it.

Set in New York City in the 1960s, it’s the story of legendary poet and punk rocker (and personal hero of mine) Patti Smith, and the controversial and brilliant photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. Pulled together as two young, broke kids in the big city, the book goes on to detail their evolution as artists and the fluidity and depth of a love that fluctuates between romantic and platonic, but is more often than not the stuff of soul mates. Patti has this incredible way of pulling you into her world of factory girls and CBGB, of comforting Janis Joplin while she cries herself to sleep, of Manhattan and being in the center of everything, but with the purest of intentions.

This book changed my life. It changed my perspective and understanding of what love is and what it can be. Of what art is and what it can be. Whatever you do, go buy yourself a copy and break that sucker in.

Evalyn's Salvation EP is out on September 28th via B3SCI Records. Listen to 'Big Bad City' below.