As part of our Placeholder series, we're asking some of our favourite artists an incredibly simple question: 'what are you reading?'. Next up is Go Kurosawa of Kikagaku Moyo.

I have been reading a book by Horacio Quiroga called La Miel Silvestre which is a compilation of his short stories. Quiroga is well-known Latin-American author of magical-realist fiction, who writes about the jungle and about death.

Under his eye every mortal being is rendered equal in the jungle; each animal, each part of nature, each human being is equally susceptible to death, in that very deadly place. It's easy for someone like me, a city-dweller, to forget that we are just a part of the earth, like flowers or rain. La Miel Sivestre is a reminder of this simple, essential fact.

This book showed me that I could go to a place I had never been, just by dreaming it. He depicts his imagined world in such extraordinary detail that it becomes super-real, transporting the reader to a hybrid realm that is at once tangible and magical. When I read him I can smell and hear the jungle.