I’m currently re-reading Angela Carter’s Fireworks. My friend Dan gifted me this book years ago at which point I proceeded to fall in love with all of Carter’s writing, and subsequent weeks were spent in the company of her other works; Wise Children, The Bloody Chamber, Nights at the Circus.

Fireworks is a linguistically luminous and imaginative tour de force, its brilliance has marked me. With each sentence, Carter’s probing provocative rebellion and questioning of gender, sexuality, performance and power politics, is spectacularly launched into the atmosphere with knife-sharp wit, irreverent humour and illicit imagery.

With dark and glistening allegory, Fireworks throttles along at a sizzling pace, commanding dexterous mood swings from the gothic mythical to the macabre in the space of a breath. Here Carter blazes a trail as the ultimate fantasist at the frontier of feminist fiction. What I love most about this book is that it is thoroughly un-domestic. Carter’s disquieting surrealism and haunted dreamscapes dazzle in a book that will overturn your stay-at-home day into a carefree fictional joyride that oozes and celebrates the shadow self, sensitivity, sex and sequins.

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