I’ve just finished Shoe Dog by Phil Knight – the founder of Nike. This summer was the first time on any holiday since having had children (they’re now 2 and 5) that I actually managed to read a book. I was captivated from the onset.

Shoe Dog is genuinely one of the most inspiring stories I’ve read for a long time…. This is a tale of an entrepreneur with a ‘crazy idea’ and his determination to succeed. His drive can often at times feel as though it’s being driven from a place that is almost a pre-determined fate of something far greater than this world.

Being an entrepreneur, I always love hearing stories about others - their struggles, their fears but most importantly… how they did it and all their rewards.

Shoe Dog is so brilliantly written and Phil Knight has a fantastically dry sense of humour throughout. But by the of reading his journey, I was reduced to tears…. It ticks all the boxes and so much more.

Kate Young is a Music Supervisor, owner of Soho Music Group, and an Artist Manager.