Trip is primarily about Tao Lin's departure from pharmaceutical drugs and subsequent exploration of psychedelics and the work of Terence McKenna. I have read and enjoyed Tao's other books, but it's his first non-fiction, and for the most part I only read contemporary fiction by women/non-men writers, so it's a departure for me for sure.

The book is interesting to me for a couple of reasons: firstly I am a person who has also heavily abused and been damaged by drugs like Adderall and Xanax in the past (I almost feel like saying "Who hasn't"), but alternatively always felt LSD had some sort of a "healing" or "other" quality. I also appreciate Tao's very straightforward and observational way of writing, and always enjoy to see someone change from cynical to optimistic (as he does in many ways in this book).

Lastly I am enjoying the historical aspects of the book. I have always loved history and believe wholeheartedly in the link between corruption of government & oppression, and am very in favor of "it's all connected," which Lin explores in regards to psychedelics in this book. Highly recommend.

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