I've just finished reading All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr which was a Christmas present. I've read a few books related to war world one and two one of my favourites is Alone In Berlin by Hans Fallada which really gives an amazing insight to life being a German living in Berlin during the war. I wasn't sure what All The Light We Cannot See was about but so many people had recommended it and it did not disappoint.

Following the lives of Marie Laure, a blind girl from Paris and an orphan called Werner from a small town in Germany. Their lives become entwined through Werner's love of radio, I really don't want to say too much because you should read the book but it's so wonderfully written and the story is fascinating and heartbreaking.

Life is never simple or what it looks like from the outside. Living through these characters gives real perspective to what lead these two individuals to their fate and what being alive really means. I've just started Shantaram so wish me luck.

Lucy Rose's UK Library Tour kicks off on December 9th, the same day her new album Live At Urchin Studios is released.