As a songwriter, I can get caught up in the drama that follows what can often appear to be a destination-less journey. Sometimes a break is needed (and well in order to continue carrying on).

The mental obligation to escape reality led me to live in complete isolation in San Joan, Ibiza in a caravan with no electricity or water, with only a candle lighting my space. Most nights a tiny flame was all that surrounded the unkempt pitch black forest pushing its way into my trailer.

I was recommended The Alchemist by my father. It’s a book about life, our purpose and the mysteries involved in finding out what that is. Paulo Coelho takes you through every theme whilst keeping your fingertips gripped to the book's paper edges, eager to uncover more about life and what surrounds it. I read this book cover to cover exploring and searching for the meaning in my own life as I endured what proved to be one of my most isolated periods of time.

The Alchemist spoke to me in a language only found inside the soul. It offered encouragement during a time of severe suffering.

I left everything behind me. I sold all my material possessions and left the image of myself created by others in a city I tried to forget. Dealing with depression and the suffocating pollution that surrounds our minds consistently proves to be difficult. I found solitude in a book that calmed my senses while offering hope to the characters that shaped my purest form of being.

Inspiration can come at the most unexpected moments, but following reading Coelho's work cover-to-cover on many a lonely night, I came home to bring what I had found to my music - myself.

For anyone seeking a thought-provoking escape from reality, take a step into The Alchemist. It offers more than just a book.

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