As part of our Placeholder series, we're asking some of our favourite artists an incredibly simple question: 'what are you reading?'. Next up is Callum from Proto Idiot.

I've just finished reading Child of God. It was reet good. I had no idea what was going on for maybe the first third but was still totally engrossed by its grossness.

The book explores the decline of a man who is already at the bottom of the pile. The further along it gets, the less I wanted to know about Lester Ballard and his antics in the wooded hills of Tennessee. But there is something fascinating about trying to empathise with such a horrible protagonist, and – as with other McCarthy novels – it is almost impossible to put it down.

As dark as it gets – and it gets very dark – Child of God still has moments of beauty that complement the misadventures of Ballard, which feel almost inappropriate. It's a great example of how the blunt honesty of Cormac McCarthy's prose fits perfectly with his storytelling style. It just works.

This book is completely at odds with both our pop group ethos and our manifesto of silliness (which we hope eventually leads to world domination). Therefore, I suggest you read it immediately as it is far too serious to not make the Proto Idiot blacklist.

Also, James Franco made it into a film, to which I ask simply: what for?