As part of our Placeholder series, we're asking some of our favourite artists an incredibly simple question: 'what are you reading?'. A pretty great way to find out what you should be spending your money on if you ask us.

The Themes of the Day by Kevin Hooyman (2006)

"I've been reading and re-reading this fantastical graphic novel over the last several months, and it has lent a great deal of inspiration towards my everyday life and new record, Evolver. The author and artist Kevin Hooyman (you may know his work from the cover art of !!!'s Myth Takes on [Warp]) composes intricate, hyper-detailed line drawings with contemplative, conversational text that resonates with the human condition in these modern times.

"Themes of the Day zooms out and illuminates the absurdity of our existence, reflecting on primitive cultures, nature/technology, globalization/loneliness, and the decomposing notions of money and the American Dream. Though the book has political undertones, it's a deeply humanizing–if not mind-expanding–read: "So much of modern life seems to be a structure which supports the idea that we are not a species. We can't seem to deal with the fact that we are all basically the same thing. So we have built a world which accentuates and invents differences between people and shrouds our overwhelming sameness.""

Rioux's Evolver EP is out now on his own label, Connect Records.