I've just finished reading The Master and the Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov which was sitting on my bookshelf for far far too long! I've never read anything by him but have already lined up The Fatal Eggs and The Heart of a Dog to read after writing this as I don't want to leave his amazing fantastical world.

The Master and Margarita has three stories in it which are interlocked. A visit by Satan to 1930's Moscow, an epic love story of a writer and his Margarita, and Pilate's decision to execute Jesus. Parallels can be drawn between The Moscow and Jerusalem parts, and the love story really link the two up.

It's both dark, funny and really quite crazy. It's got a Hitman, the Devil a witch and a luxuriously dressed cat the size of a human that walks around on its hind legs. Awesome. For me, it's about how to survive when you are surrounded by madness, which seems quite handy at the moment.


The London Contemporary Orchestra perform Arthur Russell's iconic tower of meaning on the 14 and 15 January And Tour There Will Be Blood by Paul Thomas Anderson with music by Jonny Greenwood.