A copy of the rare first edition obtained from Andrews Of Arcadia on his stall at Spitalfields Market. Ostensibly a work of local history Frensham Then And Now has taken on a mythical status amongst certain of my acquaintances for its detailed account of the geography, history and nature of a parish which once covered a large expanse of the wild heath on the border between the counties of Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex.

Once a remote and lawless place which was still within living memory when the book was written in 1938, "the inaccessibility of these valleys in those days caused them to the resort of broken men and desperate characters of every kind. Our narrative will not be found lacking in examples of lawless violence, both successful and failed."

The book and the landscape it documents played a large part when I was researching our new album A Fair Field which touches upon my fascination by similar landscapes once considered godless and remote which became reborn as centres of literary and artistic ruralism.

The Memory Band's new album, A Fair Field, is out now on Static Caravan.