Bingomation is a great new trend that is emerging from the increasing popularity of online bingo. No longer are bingo players looking at boring old numbers appearing on their screen or listening to them being called out in a bingo hall. Bingomation is transforming these boring numbers into spectacular pieces of art. If you’d like to know more about this art trend, keep reading!

What is Bingomation?

Bingomation is exactly what it sounds like, bingo mixed with animation. The whole concept behind this is to make bingo more exciting and use the traditional bingo calls that come along with the numbers to create some great animations. Bingo players across the country are enjoying seeing their winning numbers turn into GIFs on their phones.

If you are artistically talented then you’ll love this fun and easy way to express yourself and how you feel about a certain number. Some past examples include the number 22 being turned into a duck shooting range at a fair or 88 becoming an animation of two fat ladies standing together. This idea is really fun and something that you should get involved in.

This type of art is becoming quite popular as many bingo websites are taking advantage of these animations that can make their website more fun. Bingo Sweets is getting into bingo and art and if you check out their website you’ll find out some of the great reasons why they love this new art form. These reasons include things like providing new challenges to animators, giving creative expression and adding to the buzz around bingo.

The Bingomation Project

The whole project is a collaborative one that is being done online. This project is run by Hayley Akins, Tom Kilburn and Chris Egglestone. If you’d like to get involved and claim your number, then make sure to check out the official website. The aim is to create a loop that only lasts 5 seconds, so it’ll take some of your best creativity to squeeze it into this short space of time. These can then be submitted to the website or bingo websites or you can even join in on the fun for your own personal use. There are specific requirements that you should follow that include the size of the GIF and the font that you should use. Make sure to take a look at these to ensure that your work can be added to the project.

How Does Bingomation Relate to Art?

Although this type of art is a new one and relatively small reaching right now, it has the potential to become a popular modern art form. This is a great way for those artists who are technologically minded expressing themselves in ways that they couldn’t before. This isn’t the first time an art form has changed the perception of something and given it a fresh look with Andy Warhol’s Art becoming a huge trend when he changed the perception with a simple image of cans of Campbell’s soup.

Technology is great for bringing old things back to life and this form of art is just another example of this. Although bingo is already available in the digital world through the massive forms of online bingo sites, Bingomation is making it even more digital-friendly. This is also a great way of attracting a younger generation of bingo players as they see the amazing graphics on their mobile phones.

Not only does this project bring together bingo and art but it lets artists express themselves and show how a certain number has had an effect on their lives. Recent additions to this project have seen artists take the concept of certain ages to explain how they feel for example, the number 21 depicts a man drinking from a bottle and then collapsing. This symbolises turning 21 and the stereotype that is associated with this big birthday.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we think that this project is great and that it has the potential to go quite far. Although this project is being used mostly for online bingo sites right now we wouldn’t be surprised if traditional bingo halls start to use the graphics when they are calling their numbers. If you are an artist interested in technology, get involved with this project right now!