When we are looking for inspiration, be it for reading, drawing, or anything else, we already know our destination. Obviously, it’s one of the most popular photography applications in the world – Instagram. Given the sheer amount of photography, insights, designs, stories, and whatnot that you can find on this platform, it’s only natural that you will open up this app and start browsing for some inspo.

But, when it comes to traveling, where and what should you look for on Instagram? Well, today’s article is about to answer this question for you! Buckle up and get ready to find out where the best travel inspiration is hiding on Instagram!

Unique Travel Hashtags

Since you can search anything on Instagram by using hashtags, it goes without saying that, in order to find your inspiration, you must do a search of the most popular and unique travel hashtags.

Besides the inspiration you will find, you will also come across Instagram’s top travel bloggers, where you can find even more things that will inspire you, as well as an account to follow and return to when needed.

Here are some unique travel hashtags that you can search for:

  • #traveling
  • #explorer
  • #exploring
  • #travelgram
  • #travelers
  • #wanderer
  • #travelmore
  • #travelphotography
  • Of course, variations do exist for these hashtags – but searching these will surely return you a list of travel-focused Instagram accounts.

    Travel Accounts

    Obviously, rather than searching for hashtags and finding random accounts on the platform, it is always better to know some of the best travel Instagram accounts out there.

    Here are some of the best – there’s no doubt that you will find your inspiration by checking them out.

    @worldsofwander / Sara – officially, Sara is a hair and makeup artist, working on quite popular artists and celebrities. However, this does not mean that she doesn’t have any free time – you can see her in Dubai, under the water, in the Sahara Desert, and so on.

    @helloemilie / Emilie – if you are looking for background views, landscapes, and so on, then you definitely want to check out Emilie. With little focus on her persona – as she rarely appears in the photos she posts – the account is all about breathtaking sights and landscapes.

    @spiritedpursuit / Lee – Lee can be seen traveling to any place we’d wish to travel, to be honest – from Marrakech to Bali, and then all the way to Cape Verde. If you are looking for inspiration or just for your next travel destination, then you can explore the world through Lee’s Instagram feed.

    Naturally, these accounts were only some drops in the big ocean of Instagram travel accounts. You do have to find the ones you like the most – however, in terms of photography and destinations, as well as an inspiration source, we consider the aforementioned to be some of the best out there.

    The Bottom Line

    Whether you are looking for inspiration via hashtags or by checking the accounts we mentioned above, you can be sure that you will come across what you like and you will be able to grow your Instagram account.

    Also, if you want more people to see the result of your search for inspiration, you can always buy real Instagram followers and share your travel photography with them.

    When it comes to social media, the rest of the world is just one click away – so be sure to take full advantage of it!