When people think of design, they usually envision vintage and retro-themed cafes, slickly-designed loft spaces or art galleries in disused wharf houses, but many don’t immediately associate the concept with business. Yet increasingly design is becoming more and more prominent, especially when associated with tech organizations and startups. As a result, the UK design economy is booming. In 2015, for example, the design economy generated more than £71 billion as more and more businesses began to understand the needed for design-related services.

The added benefit

The trend of large companies absorbing smaller design agencies has resulted in a change in the way businesses do, well, business. And it’s for the better. When you break it down, it’s hardly surprising that design has become essential to businesses and organizations across the board - the benefits are obvious. It’s been found that workers with a design element in their day to day workings are more than 40% more productive than the average. It’s also changing the way in which businesses acquire new work, as design acts as a vehicle by which brands can express their complex identities through a multitude of different channels (the number of which, thanks to the growth of the internet, are becoming more diverse and complex themselves). It helps businesses compile complex strategies, and it helps businesses build and maintain emotional connections with clients and customers alike.

Design examples

While it’s all good and well to extol the virtue of design and the effect that it’s having on business, it’s hard to visualize it without solid examples. The claim that design boosts sales, for example, is easily demonstrable when one thinks of a trade show. Having the best, most useful product in the world will only get you so far with poor to mediocre branding. Punters are far more likely to pass by your store and give their attention to the stand with the popping colors and catchy slogans. It’s essential, therefore, to ensure that your brand is designed meticulously with a concept in mind, and have that concept emblazoned on different advertising mediums. Branded exhibition stands from companies like Saxoprint – containing items such as banners, exhibition tents, walls and counters – are all examples of such mediums that can be easily obtained online. These can be enhanced through brilliant design to bring in increased foot traffic and customer interest.

Regardless of your stance on design one thing is clear: when it comes to business it is absolutely essential and cannot be pushed to the wayside. Whether you own an online store, a physical store or operate at trade shows, having great design and good business go hand and hand.