This year, I was fortunate enough to welcome a new member to my family (one of 2016's few highlights) - his name is Pablo. He's got one of those interesting faces that makes him look like an angry old man. It also means he looks like a bunch of different film stars. So as we edge ever closer to saying fuckety-bye to 2016, for the love of God let's have a laugh. Here are my top 10 Pablo look-a-likes:

Jack Black.

Star of School of Rock, Kung Fu Panda and The Never Ending Story 3.

The man of many faces, including Pablo's.

Steve Buscemi.

It was a toss up between Dobby (from Harry Potter) or Steve, but Steve won this time because he's a real human person with a strange face that looks also like a cat's face.

Luis Guzman.

He's been in everything, so has Pablo.

William Shatner.

Captain Kirk himself! Who else could it be? That pose just screamed Shatner to me.

Samuel L. Jackson.

Jedi Master and Badass Motherfucker. I've got to admit, this one really cracked me up. It's uncanny.

William Shatner.

Star of Boston Legal, Star Trek and Miss Congeniality. All I can see is Shatner!

Nick Offerman.

My personal favourite. Pablo has, incase you were wondering, an almost identical personality but with slightly more cuddles.

William Shatner.

Star of Miss Congeniality 2, Dodgeball and Over the Hedge.... It's Shatner!

And finally William Shatner.

Star of Rescue 911, Loaded Weapon 1 and $#*! My Dad Says! How could I forget Shatner?

You're welcome readers, you're very welcome.