Artificial intelligence definitely gets a bad rap when it comes to the characters portrayed in sci-fi movies. You've got the evil eye that is HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the dastardly Ash in the first Alien film, the maniacal Ava in Ex Machina and of course that annoying shades-wearing villain in The Matrix: Agent Smith. But is every AI character tarred with the same brush? Definitely not.

AI in real life is actually more complicated than you might think, as the idea of a self-learning machine is something we're still grappling with, but as you've probably noticed, things are a lot easier to believe in cinema. If every AI machine was as friendly as the following characters we're going to discuss, then we think the future is going to be A-OK.

Possible spoilers ahead!

TARS in Interstellar

TARS is one of the more distinctive AI machines on the list, primarily because it doesn't appear as anything resembling a human form. Essentially a giant movable Rubik's cube, TARS is a bit sassy but overall has a good heart and saves the day in the film by disabling an automatic docking feature in a spacecraft stolen by the immoral Dr. Mann (leaving the rest of the crew stranded on a distant planet), meaning that the baddie totally messes up by having to control the craft and meets a sticky end.

T-800 in Terminator 2

Sure, Arnie's Terminator tried to kill Sarah Connor in the first film, but he totally redeems himself in protecting her and her son John Connor in the sequel. Arnie's T-800 defends the humans countless times from the gooey villain that is the T-1000. Throughout the film, there are many heart-warming moments between the T-800 and John, making that ending scene in the molten steel one of the most devastating in cinema.

Bishop in Aliens

Although Ripley is definitely within her own rights to completely mistrust Bishop after her first meeting with an AI machine didn't go swimmingly, Bishop is, you guessed it, a totally friendly and cool robot. Along with Ripley, Bishop helps rescue the child, Newt, from the grips of the horrific alien queen, and proves to the world that not every AI machine is hell-bent on hurting humans.

BB-8 in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Although C3PO and R2D2 might be the original droids we were searching for, BB-8 is definitely the one we want now. The little football-shaped AI machine is the cutest darn thing in the Star Wars films (even cuter than Ewoks) and is so helpful and friendly, it just makes you want one in your house. When you've got a lighter that resembles a thumbs up? That just seals the deal for BB-8 being the friendliest droid in town.