You know what kids, if you work hard enough dreams really can come true. Case in point: this one time I met Lil BUB. Yes, the internet cat. Yes, I did almost cry. A case in point you actually care about: our little 405 Film Podcast is growing up fast and now has a new best friend. No, it isn't Steve Harrington's hair (we wish), but it's a close second: the best damn cinema in London.

That's right: we've officially partnered with Picturehouse Central! Home of Dolby Atmos, incredibly comfy seats that even the tallest of tallees can stretch out in, super delicious cakes, the coolest Member's Bar, and did I mention the cakes? We didn't just partner for the cakes, though. We partnered because Picturehouse Central has some rad programming that we want to share with all of you. Like the Central DOCS Club.

What exactly is the Central DOCS Club? First, it has nothing to do with documents or doctors. Please. It's documentaries! Picturehouse already screens some of the best damn docs through their Picturehouse Docs programming and the Central DOCS Club makes them even better by hosting post-screening discussions after certain documentaries.

Sometimes you see a doc that is so WTF you just have to talk about it afterward. Or maybe it touches you in such a way you want to share why. Or maybe you have an entirely different point of view. And that's what the Club is all about: bringing the audience together afterward to share/shout/gush/whatever.

The August line-up is pretty amazing, with next Monday, 1st August being a screening of Author: The JT LeRoy story, directed by Jeff Feuerzeig. Don't know who JT LeRoy is? He was a young, mysterious author who exploded onto the scene in the early 2000s with his incredibly unique voice and quickly built up a cult following. But who is he exactly? Who, indeed. I almost don't even want to post the trailer because it might be more fun to go in completely blind but, fine, here:

The documentary will leave you literally jaw-dropped. And Adam and I can't wait to find out what you all think. This is one of those documentaries that will leave you with a lot of feelings to get off your chest afterward so it's perfect for the Central DOCS Club. Come! Bring a friend! The screening is at 6:30pm (you can pre-purchase tickets here) and the discussion will happen in the cinema right after so you don't even have to move. And the best part: there's currently a little reading nook set up in the cinema lobby so you can peek at a few of the books before the screening.