Great art speaks for itself. It doesn't require really any interpretative aid when presented to the viewer. It fires on every single raw nerve, chemical messenger, and synapse necessary to affect its intended message.

Auteur film-maker Christopher Kelley of Table 16 Productions in the Greater St. Louis area, brings us the latest edition of 405 Shorts, with his five-minute, nerve-shredding exercise in terror Behind You.

Shot, edited, and directed by Kelley, the film stars Justin Goodwin as Colin, who is being awaited by something very sinister as he house-sits for his friend Mary (Victoria Kelley).

There truly isn't much else to say about this film, it is that compact, and that well-executed. As all great art, it speaks for itself. You owe it to yourself to take 5 minutes out and enjoy this incredible exercise in terror, embedded below. Also, check back with The 405 for more from Christopher Kelley, including my interview with him, coming soon.