Emanuele Mengotti is a man of many cinematic talents: actor, writer, director, producer. The 405 will be taking a look at his latest feature project The Plague Doctor soon in our interview with him. Born in Venice in 1986, Mengotti has a very interesting perspective on the history of places like Poveglia and the history of the “Medico della Peste”, “Plague”, or “Beak Doctor” mask and, indeed, the “memento mori” more largely.

A good introduction to the surrealism and gothic qualities of Mengotti's work is his 2015 short The writer – “A story of love and sin, passion and revenge; join together in a surreal frame narrated by a damned writer.”

The cinematography, ambience, and general character of this 6 minute short are not to be missed, especially for fans of great gothic art and surrealism, with Mengotti playing the role of the writer. Check it out below, and stay tuned for our interview with Mengotti, coming soon

The writer from Emanuele Mengotti on Vimeo.