The Hours

Something about this movie feels so “complete” to me. Like a perfect dance between music, acting, script, and art direction. I’m a sucker for movies that have parallel stories too and this one is built in a beautiful way. Nothing is there frivolously. Plus, it has Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore in it.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I am in love with Michel Gondry’s universe. The “kid -like” way he builds his special effects organically is just so inventive to me. The music is gorgeous too… And since I saw Memento when I was young I just love movies that are "deconstructed” in the time-frame.

Dallas Buyers Club

I might be biased because I have a song that plays at the end but this is truly one of my favourite movies. The capacity of director Jean-Marc Vallée of making us feel like his characters is truly remarkable. The film was shot in 25 days and I think it contributes to the spontaneity in the acting. It personally made me more aware of the USDA problematic too...

Dancer in the Dark

Like 12 Years a Slave, this film made me cry for 45 minutes after the end… it is a powerful statement and makes you feel what real injustice feels like. I wouldn’t say it is my favourite film but it is certainly one you need to watch at least once in your lifetime. Just to learn that lesson… If you haven’t yet.


For the soundtrack that makes you feel like humanity is lost in time. Tic-Tacs, strings and human voices blended into a church organ. You need to watch this with the sound really loud and on a big screen if you can.

Alexandra Stréliski's beautiful new album Inscape is out now and can be heard below. Give it a listen and then come watch her perform at M for Montréal next week. We'll be there.