Children Of Men

Children Of Men was one of the first films to make me question the creation of mankind. I was raised in a religious school (not a religious home), so the only type of science I learned was that about creation. This sparked an interest in the fact that we are in charge of population and the continuation of mankind.

10 Things I Hate About You

Growing up I was always obsessed with the idea of being in love. I remember watching it over and over, not only because I loved Heath Ledger, but because in my mind I thought that young love was one of the most magical ideas. It was realistic (ha) to me in a sense. Still is. Kind of.

Very Good Girls

This movie messed me up. It follows two girls that are best friends and are about to leave to go to different colleges all while falling in love with the same guy. It's a testament to true friendship overcoming everything. It also touches on the fact that no matter how much passion and love you can feel for someone, it may not ever end how we want it to. The movie is left open ended and that's my favourite aspect of the film.


This was the first movie I ever watched that I could really understand what was actually happening. I remember I was Rose for Halloween for three years in a row. The idea of such a sacrificial love was so romantic to me (clearly there's a theme here).

The Sandlot

I made my parents put this movie on every day for two years. I was such a little tomboy growing up. I used to bond with my cousins and pretend we were all the players on the sandlot running from a giant beastly... cute dog. It's a timeless movie about overcoming your fears and proving that we're all sort of underdogs in life, in a way.

Mountain View

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