Napoleon Dynamite

Okay, I know what you're thinking: "Okay, you damn cornball" but listen, Napoleon Dynamite is the perfect coming-of-age be-yourself do-want-you-want movie. Napoleon lives in his own universe unaffected by bullies, brothers or weirdo uncles. I always think of Napoleon less of a pathetic geek and more of a powerful nerd, he's very steadfast in his ways and his interests no matter anyone's reaction. He wasn't scared of anyone. He's a rebel, geek rebel. Not to mention witnessing the pairing of Jamiroquai's 'Canned Heat' with John Heder's inventive dancing was the moment I understood the importance of music in film.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Yes, I was emo but anyway... The Nightmare before Christmas is so much more than MySpace emo classic (which it is for sure that). In the movie, we have Jack, Pumpkin King! King of Halloween!!! He's everyone's favourite spooky bachelor but he's filled with woe over the fact that he is so tired of the thing he has always known. We watch Jack explore new worlds, and try new things and unlike any other kids movie it doesn't work out! That's what I love most of all about The Nightmare Before Christmas, the fact that Jack tried his hardest and it still didn't work, but! He was okay! He still had all his friends and his home! You don't really see that in kids movies, failure and acceptance and triumph all in one. That's life.

A Swedish Love Story

A Swedish Love Story is.. well exactly that. It's a story of two young Swedish teens who fall in love. A bad boy and an innocent clean-cut girl; classic. The story isn't so much what makes this movie a favourite for me, it's the scenes. Every shot is stunning and the music that accompanies each shot is a perfect match. It's like living in a dream world you imagine as a teen girl where your bad boy boyfriend picks you up on his motorcycle for a ride in the country against your parents' will. There is one scene in the movie where you get a close-up shot of Annika silently crying in a dirt and dust-filled parking lot and it haunts me. I think about how beautiful that shot was at least once a week. That feeling of your first love breaking your heart... this movie captured it perfectly.

Cat Ballou: Queen of The Outlaws

Now you know I couldn't leave this list without a western. And this is my favourite! Cat Ballou cutest cowgirl queen of the outlaws I ever did see. Cat Ballou played by Jane Fonda becomes Queen of the outlaws when her family farm is threatened by the railroad and her father gets killed by railroad's gunman. This movie is great for lots of reasons: 1. Its starring role is a woman and she's not weak or the love interest! 2. Nat King Cole is in it. A Black music icon in a western? I'm all for it. 3. Cat has her own gang of thrown together misfits to back her up... how cool is that? There's a part in this film that sticks with me more than anything else, when Cat has a love quarrel with her love interest she says something that stayed with me all these years. "Love is not blind, I see all your faults and I know what you're like and I don't care! I love you anyway."

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

I don't think anything effected me as much creatively as this movie has. The colours, the stories, the gags, the characters, the music, the clothing! The world Paul Ruben created for Pee-Wee Herman is a wonderland of imagination, innovation and absurdity. Watching this overgrown man-child travel the USA in an effort to get back his beloved custom bike gave me a sense of adventure no other movie has ever been able to match. From ghost stories to tales of love lost, to wild west battles and biker fights, this movie has absolutely everything I could ever ask for in a movie besides dragons-but it's got big paper-mache dinosaurs so it's close enough. 10/10 must watch for every person who ever is breathing on this planet earth.


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