The Land Before Time

Pernille: This is the best animation movie of all times in my opinion. When the musical theme begins as Littlefoot is breaking out of his dinosaur egg, hardcore weeping on my behalf is guaranteed. It's so cute! The narrative is moving, almost too moving. It's about friendship and finding your place in the world. The scene where Littlefoot sees his own shadow and turns completely euphoric because he think's it's his (dead) mother and runs towards it and licks the rock his shadow was cast on is maybe the most heartbreaking thing I've ever seen. The dusty softness of the images is beautiful and fits the "before time" feeling so perfectly. Very different from today's super sharp, ultra colourful digital animations. When I saw it as a kid I remember feeling like I'd just seen something important. Something that would stay with me and shape me somehow. I think it did.

There Will Be Blood

Pernille: This is just such a masterpiece. The depiction of the dry, open Californian desert landscape, the sound score by Johnny Greenwood (ohmygod!), the nerve-wracking tension throughout the entire movie that causes a genuine stomachache - it's all amazing. Paul Thomas Anderson is a genius. His movies are infectious. His way of portraying the mind and motives of sociopaths and how he can tell stories about power and greed is inspiring. The Master is another great example of that. That last scene in the movie in Daniel Plainview's private bowling alley is spooky. Scared me more than a slasher movie.

Step Brothers

Pernille & Esben: It's so lame and so funny. We've seen it too many times. The reason this movie works is because Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly act like 7 year-olds so convincingly. There are too many quotable moments, we don't even know where to begin. The best part is probably when they stop fighting, become friends and decide to build bunk beds. Step Brothers is somehow a celebration of childhood in its own disturbing way and it takes us back to that simpler time. And it would be stupid to deny that 'Boats and Hoes' is a real banger.


Esben: This bad boy is even more relevant today than when it was released in 1976. It could easily be a part of the Black Mirror series. It's a critical and sarcastic look at mass media and the human condition in general. The scenes where the main character, Howard Beale, is furiously ranting about the fucked up state of the world on live television while he himself becomes a symptom of the disease he's addressing, are so perfectly made. Often I too wanna open my window and scream: "I'M MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!". Also, Faye Dunaway is the definition of cool as the reckless head of programming. Probably the most prophetic movie ever made.

This Is Spinal Tap

Esben: This is maybe an obvious choice. But I love Spinal Tap. Whenever we're on tour I think about it daily because stupid shit happens when you tour. It's a mockumentary (arguably the invention of the mockumentary) about the band Spinal Tap from 1984. Christopher Guest, Rob Reiner, Harry Shearer, etc. Pretty much a dream team. I recently found out Rob Reiner made Stand By Me little more than a year after Spinal Tap was released. That's incredible. Not much in common between those two movies apart from the fact they are both amazing. Anyway, Spinal Tap makes me laugh more than any other movie. Playing Stonehenge, Nigel showing off his guitar collection, visiting Graceland. Most of the movie was improvised and you can tell because there's a randomness to the dialogue. So apart from being a great comedy in many ways I feel like it captures reality and what human beings are really like way better than 99 % of the dramas I've seen.

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