Lost in Translation (2003)

My favourite Coppola film - lighter and more charming than The Virgin Suicides, yet still capable of conjuring up an air of serene intimacy. My Japanese mum thinks it’s orientalist but I don’t. Also features arguably the greatest film soundtrack of all time. - Chris Steward

Thelma and Louis (1991)

Thelma and Louise is so perfectly written and acted; watching it gives me this visceral thrill, like I’m along for the ride. It's one of the few movies I’ve seen that understands the traumas of being a woman while also finding space for joy and adventure. Thelma and Louise may be trapped, but they can still choose each other. - Rosie Long Decter

Wayne’s World (1992)

I used to watch this movie every week as a kid. I know all the lines, it’s the most quotable movie. Still consistently show it to people. - Tom

Synecdoche New York (2008)

The debut directorial effort from my fave screenwriter Charlie Kaufman - incredible acting from Phillip Seymour Hoffman (RIP) and Catherine Keener. Beautiful score by Jon Brion - it's magic the way the film reveals itself upon multiple viewings. - Ryan

Les nuits de la pleine lune (1984)

The spareness of the movie delights me and makes each development all the more ecstatic, though we already know it so well, the mechanics of people needing/not needing each other. - Rian

Bodywash play The Escogriffe on Friday, November 16th. Listen to the excellent 'Eye To Eye' below.