One of the reasons I fell in love with French and France. I love the quirks and also the music by Yann Tiersen.

I, Daniel Blake

An exceptional film which I think everyone needs to see. It tells the realities of the benefits system in the UK today and though it is relentlessly bleak, it is also sensitively handled with stand-out performances from the actors involved.

School of Rock

Because we should all aspire to be like Jack Black and stick it to the man. A very quotable film with a great soundtrack.


The best film of 2017? I think so. Brilliantly done, and the continuity of character is seriously impressive. Their Oscar was well deserved.


Ok so it's not filmic genius (in fact it's pretty terrible) but I love the insight it gives into the Beatles' lives at the time and that they could pretty much do whatever they wanted like fly to the Bahamas for a film about themselves with a very dubious plot. I remember spending a day as a kid watching it forwards then watching it backwards straight after. Bit weird.


Chloe Foy's Are We There Yet? is out now. Listen to standout track, 'Flaws', below.