Follows the life of Johnny - a down and out working class, ranting philosopher. He is fleeing the family of a girl he has raped in Manchester. He arrives in London at the house of an old girlfriend, then travels the east end meeting various characters and spouting his nihilist views. He is a tortured, wasted genius but a wonderful protagonist. Full of witty cruelty, yet you feel very sorry for him. And through all the savage nastiness of the film, there's great comedy too.

Louise: What are you doing here? You look like shit.
Johnny: I'm just tryin' to blend in with the surroundings.

The Graduate

This is one of the films I’ve watched the most in my life. The Graduate was Dustin Hoffman's breakthrough to stardom. There's all these massive wide camera zooms and long, long carefully orchestrated shots which I really like. Also, some great montages set to Simon and Garfunkel’s famous soundtrack. The films aesthetic has been copied time and time again. The characters are so brilliantly awkward and wonderfully intense that it veers into the ridiculous at times! The end for example, what an ending! Without giving away too much, when they sit on the back seats of the bus and you see Elaine’s face change from pure joy to a questioning, worried look, as if to say, ‘what have I done?’ That is priceless.

The Long Goodbye

This is my favourite adaptation of any of Raymond Chandler's novels. Although I do like the ones with Humphrey Bogart too. Apparently, fans of the old films hated the modern setting of the 1973 version starring a young Elliot Gould (Monica and Ross’ Dad from ‘Friends’). Elliot Gould is so cool in this, as anyone playing Marlowe should be. Lovely '70s aesthetic again - dark and nasty too. With a soundtrack by John Williams, which is really lovely. It mostly consists of the theme tune sung by different performers over and over throughout.

Wild At Heart

I had to have a David Lynch film in this list! I wasn’t sure which to choose but the film poster to Wild At Heart hangs up in my living room in all its flaming glory. Hilarious and dark, this is Lynch at his best with an amazing cast. If you don’t rate Nicolas Cage then watch this and be proven wrong!

Nymphomaniac Vol. I and Vol. II

I watched this quite recently. It's pretty funny and very sad. With some really moving scenes, like the one where the father dies in hospital in front of her eyes, no garish detail is omitted which makes for a painful watch but the realism is great. Nymphomaniac is an intense look at obsession and addiction with some freaky overarching big ideas, right? At one point I thought ‘woah Shia Labeouf really f*cks this girl for real in this film!’, then I read that it was CGI and camera trickery using porn stars. I'm glad they kept the sex scenes so graphic though, even if it was partly for PR reasons. Don’t watch this film with your parents in the room or any member of your family!


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