O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I'm a huge Coen Brothers fan, but this is the one I return to the most. I think I must just share their sense of humour because this never fails to make me laugh. It also kickstarted my interest in American folk music, which ended up in 'How To Cut & Paste: The Country & Western Edition'.


Despite my DJ name, and the fact I have a "Best of Sci-Fi" AV show - I'm not actually that massive a fan of Sci-Fi movies. It's only when they're done so perfectly that they transcend for me. Robocop stood the test of time so well that I felt the 2014 remake was completely unnecessary. The production design, the soundtrack, the script - the whole aesthetic!

Blue Velvet

I'm a huge David Lynch fan, and Twin Peaks is my favourite TV show of all time. My favourite Lynch movie changes all the time (I could have easily said Wild At Heart, Lost Highway or Fire Walk With Me) but Blue Velvet feels a little more timeless. Also, Dennis Hopper could be the scariest movie villain of all time?

The Shining

Like Sci-Fi, I'm not really a horror fan, until something incredible comes along, and then they can be some of my favourite films. I love all the subtext stuff about The Shining - if you've ever checked that documentary all about the conspiracy theories behind this movie, you'll see. It's just a really perfect movie - I like all the symmetry.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

I have a deep, deep love for high school movies from the '80s. In this category, I would put Weird Science, The Goonies, The Breakfast Club - basically all the John Hughes films. Ferris Bueller's is kind of the most quotable and memorable - I've used this in many an AV show. I love the bit after the credits at the very end.

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