Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri. Not really sure why I chose this one. I thought it was some of the best acting I've seen in a long time.

Glass: I'm choosing this because it's one of the last ones I've watched but I thought it was great. I love plot twists and turns.


Step Brothers: It's dumb and I love it. Every time I come back to it I'm always impressed how the whole movie feels like improv. I highly recommend watching the outtakes.

Bridge of Spies: I don't usually gravitate towards Drama/Thriller movies (as you can tell from Step Brothers), but this one was incredible. I'm such a huge fan of Tom Hanks as well. I just bought his book of short essays.

Brett & James

Baywatch - (Brett) Surely James and I can agree on Baywatch with The Rock and Zach Efron. Cuz their bodies are UN-REAL.(James) ABSOLUTELY agree with Brett on this one.

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