Wings of Desire

I don’t even feel like this needs an explanation. Such an epic example of creative genius. It’s a little bonus that Nick Cave performs in the movie :) … if you haven’t seen this film you definitely should!

White God

One of my favourite foreign films I’ve seen in the last few years. White God is a Hungarian film directed by Kornél Mundruczó. The cinematography is amazing, the story is equally emotionally compelling and devastating. The last scene in the film is one of the most impactful moments in film I’ve experienced.

White Christmas

This one was the first musical that I really fell for. It displays an era that I’ve romanticized in my mind since I was a young girl - classic courtship, sharp dress, strong wit. I love the light and playfulness of this movie and most of all how Vera-Ellen dances her way through the film. She’s so light on her feet she looks like she’s floating half the time. I marvel at the time when all actors were also amazing singers and dancers alike.

Paris, Texas

What can I say, I’m a Wim Winders fan. Again, I love the cinematography in this film. I love the slow meandering scenes, and how that feels like it’s just real life moving in real time. Harry Dean Stanton is amazing of course, and the music by Ry Cooder is perfect.

Space Balls

When I need a good laugh this is a go-to for me. John Candy as Barf is my favourite character. The scene where he’s dancing around with a giant bucket of ice cream gets me every time. Barf and Barf’s tail - priceless.

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