Say Anything

If I could live my life like an '80s movie it would be this one. The song 'In Your Eyes' by Peter Gabriel gets me every time.

Hot Fuzz

Very silly and very British. Plus it also features one of my other favourite movies... Point Break.

The Wicker Man

A pagan occult classic. Make sure you watch the original though! We like to wassail here in Cornwall when there's a full moon.

Save The Last Dance

Julia Stiles is the best role model of all time. That would be me in another life. It's also both mine and my sister's favourite film.

The Fifth Element

I stumbled across it looking for strong powerful female leads for my video 'Lonely Loving Me'. It has crazy '90s, ravey vibes and the character Leeloo is lush.

Hockeysmith's new EP, Tears At My Age, is out on January 25th via Ex-Local. Listen to 'Lonely Loving Me' below.