No (2012)

Stars Gael García Bernal as an advertising man who is tasked with taking on Pinochet in Chile in a democratic election in the late 1980s. I love the scene where he first shows his glossy fun take on voting "No” to all the old school Marxists and leftists. “Chile Happiness is Coming.”

They Live (1988)

Dude puts on the glasses and uncovers the truth about the secret society running the world, and within minutes is killing cops. I worry that I get way too into overly intellectualizing B-Movies. I mean this is a great movie, but also kind of in the B-Movie genre of cheese. Maybe I guess my favourite genre. “PUT ON THE GLASSES.”

2001: A Space Odyssey

This is an obvious direct inspiration for the 'MDM' video that was released recently. It’s also always an inspiration for just how slow it moves, yet how satisfying it is. Also, a 3-part form, like the Jo Passed record. Not my favourite Kubrick, but a classic.

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (2017)

Yep. I struggled doing this. This isn’t cool to do, I put this movie on my list, yep I did it, I put this silly Disney space movie down, yep, it’s totally right there. Look, I put it after 2001: a Space Odyssey, yep that happened. It’s still there. It came out significantly after the record was done but something was so inspiring for its dealings with the subject of failure. I think this movie is going to be looked back upon in ten to twenty years as a very very strange anomaly, a kind of mess of the current political climate and situation. THEY ADDED THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX INTO A DISNEY FINANCED STAR WARS MOVIE WTF. It’s almost like they designed a perfect cult B-Movie classic, like Zardoz or something along those lines. It throws out all these themes and doesn’t really make sense but still has such a strange way of trolling classic star wars fans and really playing with their audience.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Well, I guess I launched myself right into secretly great sci-fi B-Movies. I thought this movie looked so stupid. I mean the poster has a picture of Tom Cruise in a giant robot uniform with a sword and says “Live, Die, Repeat.” It took me reading an interview with PT Anderson praising Cruise’s performance and this movie to watch it, and I loved it. The writing is amazing, and Anderson’s point was that no other person could really pull off playing Cage other than Tom Cruise. The best thing about this movie is that even if you hate Tom Cruise, you get the satisfaction of seeing him get killed off many many times. Ya, this really doesn’t have much bearing on my music influence other than it’s cool to investigate somethings sometimes that seem so terrible at face value.

Jo Passed's debut album is due out on May 25th via Sub Pop. Check out their video for 'Glass' below.