My Neighbor Totoro

My favourite movie soundtrack of all time. I find Joe Hisaishi's music so inspiring and love the way he brings together traditional Japanese instrumentation with western classical music, jazz, electronic influences and so much other stuff to create his own sound. I actually did a remix of the main theme a while back and will release that someday.

There are a lot of reasons to love Miyazaki movies, but I feel particularly drawn to the way he captures a sense of wonder. My Neighbor Totoro is just this pure exploration the mystical qualities of nature and the world around us, and I think it's a perfect work of art. I like how he draws on Shinto symbolism in some ways while also letting his own imagination run wild to create something entirely unique.

From Dusk Till Dawn

This movie is so wild! The first time I saw it I had no idea what was coming, and it's been one of my favourites ever since. Such a bait and switch when it turns into a campy vampire flick out of nowhere. One of my favourite Tarantino films for sure.


This soundtrack knocked me out the first time I heard it, definitely my favourite of Hans Zimmer's work. Beautiful melodies and builds, and the way he created those ethereal, breathing soundscapes with layered pipe organ recordings is nothing short of amazing. I'm really into ongoing director/composer collaborations in film, and Nolan/Zimmer and Miyazaki/Hisaishi are my two favourites.


Had to include this because it's the only movie I quote more often than Zoolander. By the beard of Zeus!


If someone is particularly into this film, it's a pretty good sign that we'll be compatible. A lot of people write off animated movies as entertainment for kids (and I can tell when others are just "into Miyazaki" because animé is kinda trendy right now). But I've always been fascinated by animation because it provides unique opportunities for filmmakers to create worlds and tell stories in new ways. I've been captivated by the depth and artistry of Pixar movies in particular since I was a kid, and WALL-E to me is cinematic storytelling at its best. Long periods of this movie have no dialogue, allowing the visuals and music to speak for themselves in a beautiful way. This kind of abstract storytelling is something I'm particularly drawn to as a lover of sound, and I think that's part of why this movie reaches me on such a deep level. It's also just mind blowing that they were able to create such an emotional, evocative film from the premise of post-apocalyptic robot love.


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