The Royal Tenenbaums

I'm a huge fan of Wes Anderson's work and admire his attention to detail. I love the way he uses camera movements and shot compositions to enhance the stories he tells. Margot Tenenbaum is what makes this one my favourite though. The intricate details about her character and the specific pieces of information Anderson chose to leave out (like where she ran away to and how she lost her finger) are to me what make her one of the most intriguing female characters in film.

I Origins

I'd heard a lot of good things about the movie Another Earth and other films that writer/director Brit Marling was attached to, so I checked out her I Origins. The film takes a deep look at the whole science v. spirituality idea through a biologist who tries to disprove a higher power by filling in the gaps of the evolution of the human eye. He starts to see recurring patterns with the number 11 and hints in a set of eyes he sees on a billboard ad, which leads him to an intriguing love interest and to reveal evidence of reincarnation. It's hard to explain the plot without giving away too much but it's one of those movies you watch the trailer for and you're instantly hooked.

The Fountain

Another movie that deals with Science vs. Spirituality. What pulled me in initially was how beautiful the cinematography was and the fact that Aronofsky used macrophotography to execute most of the visual effects and relied very little on CGI. The gold hues, symmetry, and one point perspective compositions throughout the film not only make it one of the most beautiful films in my eyes but also inspired a large part of the visual aspect of my project. I also love the way the story is told in 3 different time periods where Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weiss play mirroring roles throughout.


I love movies with a really strong female character and the fact that this is based on a real person makes it that much better. The 2002 biopic not only portrays the resilient nature of one of our centuries greatest artists/icons but it also uses Frida's work to tell her story as some of the shots in the filmed are composed based on paintings by the artist herself. Such a unique way of storytelling. The score in this film is also really pretty.

The Age of Innocence

This one is by far my favourite Scorsese film. I really loved seeing what 19th century New York looked like. I also found a lot of similarities to society in Jordan and how a lot of the characters felt the need to do what was expected of them. I generally love movies that take place in the late 18th century/19th century Pride and Prejudice (1790), Anna Karenina (1870s), Love and Friendship (1790), The Duchess (1770s-1790s), I just feel a little more attached to this one because it takes place in New York.

The Notebook

ugh... whatcha gonna do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯--


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