As the festive season is upon us, I decided to pick my five favourite moments from Christmas movies. If I had the choice I would watch them all year!

I love the Home Alone movies: my favourite part is in the first one, where the bad guys catch Kevin and then Old Man Marley from next door comes and saves him. It's a nice message, the friendly 'police' turn out bad and the scary old man becomes the hero. Never judge a book by its cover. I couldn't find a clip of that scene, so here's Old Man Marley's introduction in the movie:

I love the part in Love Actually where the little guy Sam is running through the airport with Daniel, his step-father, trying to reach the love of his life. He manages to get past security and reach the girl, who gives him a kiss. Christmas romance at its best.

The Holiday: a moment we'll all recognise after having a bad ex-boyfriend once upon a time, the part where Iris finally tells her ex-husband Jasper what she thinks of him. Helped by the lovely Hans Zimmer soundtrack for the movie.

I love Jingle All The Way: my favourite part is when the son Jamie realises his hero is his dad Howard after all. It's so cute (spoiler alert!).

The Polar Express: I love the bit right at the beginning where he goes to get on the train and it becomes this huge chaotic runaway train scene... so thrilling and fun. Christmas fantasy at its finest and Tom Hanks' voice is always the best.

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