Raving Iran by Susanne Regina Meures, 2016

Saw it very recently! A real insight into what it must be like to make music and try to be yourself in an oppressive regime like Iran. Mostly shot on phones, secretly. We take so much for granted. Imagine if you lived in a place where you get sent to prison for printing something controversial; just at home on your own. Somewhere you have to travel miles and miles into the desert to have a rave and still risk being discovered and sentenced to jail…

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, 2007

For some reason, two Iran related films made it in here. None of them are actually Irani productions. Although there is also some wonderful Persian cinema. I feel like animations can purvey emotions and feelings no photography can. Recently read Art Spiegelman’s MAUS for the first time. Stories like this become so much more personal and poignant through the drawings of these artists. You can make it your own a lot easier and therefore be touched more deeply by the stories.

Moonlight by Barry Jenkins, 2016

2016, the only year I agree with the American motion picture academy on the best (US-American) film. Just stunning, important and masterfully executed.

Julieta by Pedro Almodovar, 2016

I really tried to put one in that isn’t a tear hunter. Couldn’t. I’m a sucker for drama. Wanted to include Almodovar. He’s unique brilliant and timeless in a very very temporary kind of way. As in his films are massively anchored in the year and era they come out but age brilliantly well! Went with the most recent one, Julieta, not his best. I like some of the old ones more, but this one left one of these impressions on me where you can’t talk for a couple of hours after seeing it. It’s beautifully sad.

Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales) by Damian Szifron, 2014

A feature film composed of 6 stand-alone shorts, with different plots but an overarching sense of dread and doom. It’s very funny. Talks about revenge, marriage, irony in hate… It’s about the fine line between civilisation and barbarism on a microcosmic level. It really makes you think what we are doing on this planet… All whilst laughing wholeheartedly at the absurd humour of the great little stories!


LUNCH are Heloise and Ulysses, who also play in the likes of Deep Throat Choir, Landshapes and Barberos. Check out the video for 'LUNCH' below.