City of God

City of God is fire. I tend to enjoy movies that I can relate to and I mean what is more relatable to me than a black guy who’s just trying to do something he loves but is constantly having the universe work against him? It’s inspiring to see the main character, Bene, except the reality he was born in and still try to be something that might feel unattainable. Also, I liked the use of vibrant colours with the contrast of a not so vibrant situation, giving off this imbalance throughout the film.

Four Brothers

Fucking lit, wow ok sorry I’m eating a mango and I’m really in my element right now. This film focuses on four brothers who are all so different but come together simply for the love of their mother. I mean I love my mom, she's the woman who truly showed me the importance of unconditional love, so I can relate with the characters on that level. I also like movies that aren’t scared to kill off main characters, because I mean in reality life is unpredictable and sometimes it can get really sad and dark.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World

WOOOOH a classic. First off the cinematography and imagery in this movie is insane. They create this world that builds on endless possibilities which is something I try to do with my music and art. As a kid I never felt like I belonged anywhere, so rather than pretending to like sports, or maybe anime like all my other friends, I just did things I loved and basically built my own world. I really enjoyed the aspect of imagination and creativity used in this film, because it made me feel like everything is achievable and that nothing is impossible.

Don’t Breathe

Scary as a motherfucker. I mean it’s not even on some scary movie bullshit, but it's the suspense that really gets you. The whole movie you actually have no idea what will happen next. There’s a plot-twist after plot-twist after plot-twist. Also, I watch a lot of dark movies. I don’t like movies with happy endings — unless it's a hand job. But no seriously I like movies with dark endings.

Get Out

This is one of those movies that did a great job at showing the perspective of black people. This movie is about race but doesn’t necessarily talk about it. It is filled with subliminal messages that most black people can relate to. I’ve been exposed to this idea of what the world thinks of me as a black man and the feeling of uneasiness that comes along with it. Throughout the movie, you can feel the main character’s sense of discomfort, but he never really addresses it, which is something I feel most black people can relate to.

If you're at M for Montréal next week, you have to go see Maky Lavender. Just do it. Watch the video for 'KEEP UP' below to find out why we're so high on him.