The Cook the Thief His Wife and Her Lover

The Peter Greenaway - Michael Nyman collaborations have a fixed place in my heart. The colour and theatricality of the film and the emotion of the music just turn me wide-eyed and hungry. Helen Mirren is also one of the sexiest women on film ever.

The Beaches of Agnes

Agnes Varda is known for her Nouvelle Vague work but I find her later work so much more interesting and necessary. The Beaches of Agnes is like a fantastical autobiography made with mixed media. It's heartbreaking and still and really runs along the edge of cheesiness (which I love).

Girl 6

Spike Lee's underrated girly existential masterpiece. The trailer for this movie only scratches the surface of this film. It starts with '90s American urban pop culture and ends up at the bottom (or top?) of a long spiral down into female identity. Plus a Prince soundtrack!

Wild at Heart

The most exuberant and poppy Lynch film. You kinda never fear the dark side in this one, yes there are villains but they seem cartoonish and kinda non-threatening, giving the whole thing this amusement park feeling. It's surreal, colourful, kinda twisted, you get some cotton candy and then you get to go home!

Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown is one of the best female characters written in film. It's the only true film by Tarantino. I'm clearly not a fan but I have to give the guy credit for this one. It's the kind of movie where you feel like you're just hanging out with the characters - such a good feeling.

Mozart's Sister is touring the UK this month as part of Pop Montreal's Pop Off Europe Tour; find the dates below along with the video for 'Bump'.

May 13 - Wrexham, Focus Wales Festival @ Rewind Wrexham
May 17 - London @ The Old Blue Last (DJ Set)
May 18 - Brighton, The Great Escape @Canada House (Green Door Store)
May 23 - London @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen
May 25 - Glasgow @ The Glad Café
May 26 - Liverpool Sound City @ Constellation
May 27 - Liverpool Sound City @ Pirate Stage on Clarence Dock