Captain America: Civil War

K808: I remember realizing during this movie that they were GOING FOR IT. Like.... it’s such a cool idea to make you fall in love with these characters and then pit them all against each other. Such a comic book-y concept, but you don’t see it all that much in movies. It felt like my dads were fighting and I didn’t know what to do.

Khaledzou: I loved this one because it was a great standalone movie that completely rewards you for being invested in the other Marvel movies. Like... they literally make Tony Stark - who had been the biggest hero of the whole cinematic universe serve as the primary antagonist! It was insane. Structurally it’s a Captain America movie but Tony Stark has a genuinely relatable point of view.

Doctor Strange

Khaledzou: So trippy!!! As a long time Doctor Strange comic reader they did a pretty good job of introducing the ridiculous reality-bending magic stuff into the MCU. The psychedelic mind trip scene is a highlight, but the end sequence with Dormammu really sets up how important and powerful Stephen Strange is going to be in the upcoming movies.

K808: This is a great movie but I mainly loved watching Khaledzou’s face the whole time. This is probably his personal number 1.

Black Panther

K808: Michael B. Jordan is one of the best villains of all time. Seriously. Marvel isn’t normally known for their good villains but with this film I found myself rooting for him during a good amount of the movie.

Khaledzou: It’s just so good. High rewatch value. Amazing soundtrack. That one take fight scene in Busan - it’s rad!

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

K808: James Gunn NAILED a really hard balancing act by giving us a killer soundtrack, a funny tone, and some serious heart. I related to the family stuff in this movie so much and found myself ugly crying in the theater. How was the second one even better than the first?! I’m so happy he’s back on the third film.

Khaledzou: They really dive into some serious character development - especially with Rocket and Yondu. After the first one really showed what you could do with a bunch of weird ass characters that no one really knew, they really made an emotional family story - it made me ugly cry too.

Captain Marvel

K808: I really love this movie the most because I see myself in Captain Marvel. Seeing a badass female superhero goes a really long way for me. And I’m a major cat lady and they did such a great job on Samuel L. Jackson’s face! Oh, and I was a Brie Larson fan waaaay back when she was a teen pop star.

Khaledzou: They filmed the '90s LA stuff in our neighborhood! We actually took these new press photos on a rooftop in the plaza where they shot the Blockbuster Video scene.

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