In no particular order, these are 5 films that I fucking love.

Romeo and Juliet (1968 directed by Franco Zeffirelli)

I watched the majority of these films during my early to mid-childhood. My mum would collect me from school, and every other day she’d be clutching a freshly purchased VHS tape from one of our local charity shops.

The first time I watched this adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, I was way too young to understand the depth of it all. However, I remember being incredibly drawn to the beautiful costumes and breathtaking scenery. Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey were my teen dream.

There’s a story/myth regarding the fact that Olivia was banned from the premiere of the film as she was 15, (thus underage) and not allowed to attend in fear that she’d see (her own) nudity. Fuckin lol.

Almost Famous

Any film that involves a storyline heavily based on musicians in any way is my cuppa tea. This coming of age story revolves a fictional 15-year-old, who goes by the name of William. Hired by Rolling Stone magazine to write up an article based on up and coming rock band Stillwater, the catch is that the publication doesn’t realise how old the young man really is (a facade which becomes increasingly challenging to uphold due to the likes of his overbearing mother).

Penny Lane (played by Kate Hudson, the main “band aid” in the story) is the kinda girl that I aspire to be - stylish as hell and forever the life of the party.

I could watch this film 1000 times over and it would never get old.

Factory Girl

Based on the drug-fueled Pop Art world of Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory. Edie Sedgwick (the factory girl) is a young socialite turned Andy’s muse. He is in awe of her beauty, and so utilises her as the centre object in numerous experimental films.

Aesthetically, this film is rather pleasing. Featuring a Bob Dylan’esque character, Factory Girl is sure to quench any young artists movie desires.

It's a Wonderful Life

This film was my first love. Although it is traditionally a Christmas movie, I could watch this any day of the year. James Stewart plays George - the loveliest man to ever live who somehow always pulls the short straw in life. This film has inspired so many references, it would need its own never-ending showreel to feature the ever-growing list (which includes a family guy episode.)

It was initially filmed in black and white, but a few years ago I acquired a technicolour version on DVD. However you watch it, be sure to. I LOVE JAMES STEWART.

Betty Blue

Last but not least, this film is based on a romance between a young girl who (as you’ve already guessed) goes by the name of Betty, and a slightly older handyman/aspiring writer. It follows the ever-growing mental instability that plagues the young and eccentric beauty and features many an offbeat character, which the French (thankfully) never fail to include.

This film captured my heart last summer, and is a core inspiration behind my latest single 'Can’t Get Through To You'. Betty’s character, by coincidence, suited a certain essence that I felt perfectly personified the song. The impulsive, inner struggle that pulls you back and forth. The uncontrollable and emotionally charged actions/reactions.

I love her more than any character I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Once you're done digesting these movies, we suggest checking out NEMI's excellent single, 'Can't Get Through To You'.