Princess Mononoke

I had to choose a Studio Ghibli film. It’s hard to choose one as they are all pretty amazing. I love this not so much for the character dialogue or storyline but more for the incredible landscapes and creatures that the artists have created. The worlds seem strange and fantastical but real at the same time. It’s also cool to see a badass female protagonist.

Blade Runner

This film is also really aesthetically pleasing as well as a real mind fuck. It posses some pretty profound questions that not so many had done in film format at the time, like what it means to be a conscious human and whether love can transcend humanity.

Soul Power

Not sure if this counts but is definitely the film/documentary I have watched the most times in my life apart from maybe The Lion King when I was three. This film is a documentation of one the greatest musical events in history where some of the greatest American musicians of all time such as James Brown, Bill Withers and BB King go over to Kinshasa to perform alongside some of the greatest Congolese musicians. The concert was organised alongside the historic boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman and there is a lot of footage of Ali sharing his wisdom.

Wallace and Gromit - A Grand Day Out

Love these guys, it’s so quaint and British. Still some of the best, most creative and humorous stop-motion animation ever made.

2001: A Space Odyssey

This film puts into perspective how small you are. These days you would never see a blockbuster film with long periods of silence and such slow movement but that’s what makes it so realistic and unsettling. Obviously, the storyline concept is amazing too addressing our ongoing obsession with and fear of AI. It feels like a feat getting through the film but at the end, it’s worth it.

You can find the video for 'Do You Really' below, along with Oscar Jerome's forthcoming UK tour dates.

20/09 | Hope & Ruin, Brighton
21/09 | Hug & Pint, Glasgow
22/09 | Headrow House, Leeds
25/09 | Village Underground, London
27/09 | Bodega, Nottingham
28/09 | Soup Kitchen, Manchester
29/09 | The Louisiana, Bristol