Blade Runner

This film has got everything. The best soundtrack ever made (by Vangelis of course), Harrison Ford, Sean Young, futurism and fantasy before CGI ruined it all. A science fiction story that's really about what it means to be human.


Adam Curtis was a big influence on our previous album Homosapien, but he really knocked this out of the park, during the Trump-Hillary campaign. Everyone needs to see it, but I doubt a lot of people could handle the long stretches without narration. Amazing style to his films, sourcing unseen footage. Great taste in music for the soundtrack. Especially great use of David Bowie's Low B-side 'Crystal Japan’

Rear Window

Not sure why I picked this one, as North By Northwest and Vertigo have equal standing for me, but a Hitchcock film had to be in here. I probably picked it because it's got Grace Kelly. But I would go for Vertigo for Bernard Hermann's score.

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Look, probably not the best film ever made, but I love the story and think it's definitely one of the greatest science fiction scores ever made. Please note this is the 1951 version (not the embarrassing remake starring Keanu).

Top Secret

Still my favourite comedy film. Val Kilmer's best performance. And it was his first feature lead.

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