Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

First of all if that’s not the sickest title in the world I don’t know what is. This is a film about a couple breaking up and erasing each other from their memory. The process of memory erasing is portrayed so creatively it’s incredible! One of those films that makes you look at everything in your life slightly differently. It definitely makes you want to fall in love in an atypical manner.

Inside Llewyn Davis

When I’m feeling a little too up my own ass I like watching this. Llewyn Davis is a folk artist who won’t compromise his credibility for a chance of success and ends up nowhere. I do, as I’m sure many others do, see a lot of myself in this character, and I try to keep him in mind whenever I’m making big decisions to do with my music. There are also some great cats in this film!

Bee Movie

On the big day Barry the bee chooses his black and yellow sweater over all his yellow and black ones, he’s making a change. There’s a lawsuit, bestiality, and a whole lot of honey. I saw this in cinemas when I was six and I left preferring bees to humans and wondering who wrote that great song 'Here Comes The Sun' that played at the end of the movie. It was my favourite movie then and is still up there now.

The Room

You can really feel Johnny’s pain when he tells Lisa just how much she’s tearing him apart. A devastating movie about love, life and loss.

Step Brothers

This is a film about friendship. No. This is a film about brotherhood! About sticking together through thick and thin. Make some room for activities and sit down to a film full of white dog poo, prestige worldwide and most importantly, the Catalina Wine-Mixer! I’ve watched this movie so many times and I plan to continue watching it just as often.

Check out Roman Lewis' 'Midnight In Paris' video below.